Recommended Items for Every C-Store and Gas Station to Maximize Profits, Safety, and Time in 2020


There are many items needed to keep a retail store operational and are pretty standard among all retail businesses. Although, there are some items that can boost profits in your business and I would say are mandatory to have. Items such as mirrors and security cameras are needed for safety and limiting theft. Display racks and a mini fridge are crucial to boosting impulse sales, and having a printer/fax machine combo is a great asset to saving precious time and space in your store. Throughout this article I also recommend a few specific items I own and use in my business that I would recommend to all other C-store and gas station owners.

Mini Fridge for Impulse Sales

Having the ability to induce customers to spend a little more in your retail store is crucial to maximize your profits. Putting candy, gum, and other common impulse products near the checkout is a common practice in this day and age. The area in your store where customers will generally spend the most amount of time is near the checkout. This is because this is where they will wait in line in order to purchase their items. Having a mini fridge set up on the counter where all the customers will be waiting near is a great tactic to boost impulse sales. If you were to place commonly sold items in this fridge, you will see impulse sales skyrocket. Placing items such as, cans of Red bull, cans of Coca Cola, Starbucks coffee drinks, and other high demand products in your mini fridge will induce waiting customers to get a drink. You don’t even need to put only drinks in this fridge. I have seen many C-stores and Gas Stations put cold subs, sandwiches, and other lunch food items in their fridges. Customers coming into your store to buy a pack of cigarettes on their lunch break may be induced to be a red bull and a sandwich if the products are in a cooler, right in front of his face, while he’s waiting to pay.

A great mini fridge I would recommend for most businesses is the Home Labs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler on Amazon. This mini fridge can hold up to 120 cans of standard sized beverages and is the perfect size to put near your checkout. The mini fridge near the checkout tactic is actually used in every Walmart in the United States, if you notice in each checkout line in Walmart, they place a fridge with multiple different types of beverages, chilled and conveniently placed right next to the checkout line to draw any last impulse buys from their customers. If a retail giant like Walmart uses this tactic, then you should also employ this tactic in your retail store. Having commonly sold items chilled and placed near your checkout will not only satisfy your customers, but also increase sales in your business.

Shelf Display for Product Placement and Impulse Sales

On the topic of impulse buying, being able to place merchandise near the checkout is critical to boosting your impulse sales. Customers usually will spend most of their time in your retail store near the checkout. To take advantage of this you need to place a good amount of merchandise in their face when they are near the checkout. Using a rack to hold some extra merchandise is a huge advantage when trying to boost sales in your business. I would recommend the 5 Tier Counter Top Snack Rack on Amazon, this rack gives you five rows of space to place chips, candy, gum, or any other type of impulse buy item near your register. What’s great about this specific rack is that it has a front lip to place any sort of small signs, this is great to use if you’re selling these products at a discounted rate. Overall, taking every advantage you can to drive impulse sales is crucial to maximizing your profit as a retail store owner.

Shoplift Mirror for Security

Shoplifters don’t want attention, and mirrors, just like a security system, make shoplifters feel like they’re being constantly watched. Having mirrors set up around your retail store is a very simple and effective way to limit shoplifting, especially when paired with a security system. Having mirrors placed to make the blind spots of the cameras visible is a great way to use them. Another benefit of installing mirrors in your store is that they give your staff improved visibility, especially of areas that would be hidden from view previously. A great mirror that I recommend for most businesses is this circular 18 inch glass mirror on Amazon. There’s a few different options for sizes if you would prefer a bigger or smaller security mirror. With this mirror, your team won’t have to work as hard to monitor the store for any suspicious activity. In my opinion, installing security mirrors in your gas station, liquor store, or convenience store will definitely help deter theft, but the greatest way to take advantage of security mirrors is to pair them with a security system.

Security System to Limit Theft

Having a security system set up around your retail store is the most essential product you can have to limit theft. Not only does it allow you to monitor and replay anything that occurred in your business, but it lets customers know that you could be monitoring what they’re doing and that could help scare away potential thieves.

I recommend any business owner to purchase a security system for their business, in the event someone steals for your convenience store you will most likely catch the act on camera and be able to forward the evidence to the local police. The security system I use in my own business is the Annke Security Surveillance System on Amazon. You get eight cameras that can record in 1080p HD, night vision capability, and free remote viewing.Additionally, if you have someone monitoring the cameras you may even catch the shoplifter before they leave your premises. Not only do cameras allow you to catch customers stealing, they may even allow you to catch an employee trying to steal from you. If you place cameras around the register you will be able to record any suspicious activity done by your employees, plus it may even scare an employee away from doing any malicious behavior.

In addition to reducing theft, a security system will also assist in making sure your employees are providing great customer service. You will be able to see if your customers are having a satisfying and pleasurable experience while shopping at your business. Through the cameras, you will be able to keep an eye on employees and make sure they are providing satisfactory customer service. You will be able to see any inappropriate actions committed by your staff and will have the ability to educate or terminate that employee. Plus, should you receive a complaint from a customer about an employee, you will have the footage to see if the complaint is valid and if the employee should be reprimanded. Not only will the cameras assist with allowing your store to maintain a high degree of customer service, but through the cameras you will be able to ensure your establishment is properly staffed. You will be able to pinpoint the times when customer traffic is high and you will be able to schedule employees accordingly.

All-In-One Printer Combo

Having an all-in-one printer is a nice asset to have just for convenience and saving space. I have the Canon Office and Business MB2720 Wireless All-in-one Printer, Scanner, Copier, and Fax on Amazon. This combo printer has a two paper cassette providing a combined capacity of 500 sheets, so you don’t have to worry about refilling the paper very often. Through the Canon Print app you can scan, copy, and print from all mobile devices. Having a combo printer is not mandatory but for the $99.99 price point I would say it’s definitely worth it.

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